Your stuff owns YOU. (beyond the price)

I guarantee that as you toss, sell or donate “stuff” you will NOT  feel overwhelmed, worried or regret it. Quite the opposite.
Simply owning less stuff is a great start.
Its conventional wisdom that owning less stuff is part of a simplified life.
Owning less stuff will cost you less money.
Have you ever REALLY considered that the true “cost” of owning stuff goes way beyond the initial purchase price in currency?

Consider the notion that your stuff owns you.
Example .You buy a new ATV. You pay cash. $13,000. You own it. On paper – sure.
No, it owns you.
Lets dig a little deeper here.
From you it needs:
Insurance. (another bill, time looking for best deal, paperwork)
Gas. (another thing to buy & store)
Oil changes. (gotta load it on your truck to bring to dealer or the cost of oil, filter & time)
To be washed. (time, soap, hose, pain in the ass!)
Stored. Locked up. (worry about theft, space in garage)
Registered. (trip to DMV, money)
Tuned up. (cost- another trip to dealer -time )
To be Sold later. (depreciation, tire kickers, pain in the ass).

Its harder to ulooad something than it is to simply not buy it to begin with.

Realize that your new ATV represents “another thing” that takes up your time well beyond the few times a year you go for a yahoo ride. It also takes up some space in your garage AND your mind,
Its the sum of these additional things, things your stuff needs from you below the surface of the item that most people never allow themselves to consider in the true cost of ownership.
Beyond the ATV..
Multiply the mental & physical energy by the time consumed by the 1,000 household items you own (that own you) and realize that you spend way ,way more time & energy simply being owned than meets the eye.


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