Your car sucks.

There it SITS.
In the driveway, . Your beloved NEW vehicle.
With the turn of a key, it will take you wherever you desire.
For a price.

But, your car SUCKS.

The average:
-Car payment in the US is $503/month (highest in history).
-Auto insurance in the US is $950/ year.
Your car SUCKS money.

That sucks also.
 The avg. commute in the US as of 2016 was 26 minutes – each way.

So, the average cost to own & operate a NEW midsize sedan a year is $9000/yr.
This is based on 15,000 miles a year. This includes gas, maint, repair,  insurance.This does  not include parking, speeding tickets and accidents, cleaning or even approach cost beyond the cash.
Your car SUCKS your time, money & a bit of your sanity.

Dollars per hour.
$40.00 per hour is alot, isn’t it!
If you make $40/ hr, youd  be on course to rake in over 80k a year. Not bad.
Problem is the $40/ hour is the cost to operate your car for commuting.
$173 a week total cost to own a car / 4.33 hours a week spent in commuting for 5 day workweek at 26 min each way= $40/ Hr.
That’s Before tolls, tickets, parking, cleaning etc.
Your car SUCKS

Each day has 24 hours.
Your beloved car sits for 23 of those hours doing nothing! (Well, it does rust, depreciate & get its doors dinged in parking lots.)

Whats the answer?
Depends on what the question is.
For me, change began with the simple question of what its the TRUE cost (in dollars & aggravation)) to own a car for commuting (& beyond)?
The answers shocked me . ALOT… but -knowledge is power.

The Game.
Your answer may be go buy a new car again this year like a “good citizen” .
To continue being a pawn in the shiny thing game.
You know the game.

Thats the game where you pass GO (Get a”paycheck”) and each time, few rolls of the dice later, your moneys GONE. Given BACK to the Bank, car company, DMV, Gas stations, car washes and mechanic who all build more Hotels with your GO money. (BTW FREE Parking is hard to “land on”  in the real world)


Now what?
WAKE UP. Explore YOUR options. I cant write them, their YOURS.
Maybe you landed here while researching options, gathering facts about commuting, car ownership cost.
Maybe you think Im an asshole who hates cars?  (well, kinda?)
But not exactly….
I used to be a pawn in the game. I was a great player (according to loan companies).
Its just that since my lifestyle revolution,  I have some new revelations about the silliness of the way most of us do things.
And of my fellow Americans current car centric Lifestyle!

Hypocrisy (?)

I WAS ONE (like many currently) who would drive a few blocks. even miles to save 3 cents a gallon for gas at a cheaper station, while simultaneously BLOWING nearly $10,000 a year for a ride to work?
The thing is, you cant un-see that $40/hr. FACT.  Its brutal.
Whatever the case …..three things hold true.

1 – $40/ per hour is a high price to pay for a ride to work.
2- You dont have to do “what everyone else does” (Play the GAME).
3- Your car SUCKS.


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