You are what you eat (beyond the food)

Lets single out sugar (for an example).

Its well known that if you take in sugar, it affects you. You can feel it. Take in alot of sugar and it really effects you – in a negative way! There is a direct and obvious connection between intake and result. Over a relatively brief time you may become overweight, addicted & become the recipient of a new named disease.

Beyond the food. (Way beyond.)

“You are what you eat” goes well beyond food. The intake or even light participation in many activities affects you more than you may realize!
As my journey progresses, Im paying much more attention to my non food “consumption”.
How participating in different activities, owning items etc. affect how I feel- good or bad.
The following is a list of major deletes that have contributed greatly to my happiness & created incredible freedom in my life.

-News (yes all of it).
-Watching TV
-Organized religion (leaving it)
-broadcast radio (and the commercials, news)
-complaining (or listening to one who does)
-gossiping (or listening to to one who does)
-social media
-push notifications (instant alerts)
-smart phone (BIG ONE)
-Texting (as a form of “conversation”)
-Working long hours
-over committing myself (being too “busy”)
-Debt (of any kind)
-Owning a house (Really the bank does)
Owning a car (BIG ONE – (Traffic, parking, insurance)

Its important for me to clearly state that each item on the “delete list” above at one time served me (except the debt!).
Also, most items on the list are connected.
For example: Owning a house links to debt which links to working long hours which then links to complaining.
The key here, is to pay attention to “how you feel” as a result of the intake or participation in these things in your life (like the sugar example).
How you feel changes as you age, grow. Be open to embracing change – Including deletes when needed.

So, the next time the pen is in your hand to sign that 7 year loan for _______ keep in mind you are what you eat (beyond the food).
How you feel “afterwards” is directly related to your intake now.

Donuts anyone?
come on…..

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