Wheres the SMART in this phone thing?

Part of a Lifestyle revolution is being present. You know, actually
being where you are. Enjoying the moment your actually are in.
If being present and relaxed are distant memories then read on…..

Constant engagement with social media, email, web updates, texts, news, blogs, fitness apps – can become all consuming. Digital activity can take you over on your computer at home.
Now take this on the road, in your hand and your REALLY screwed!
Your not alone- and thats the problem. Most good soles have allowed themselves to become literal zombies. walking (driving) around town. They are anywhere but where they actually are.
No thanks!

I deliberately choose to carry a basic flip phone (for the few times I actually do bring a “phone” out with me)..
Ive also unintentionally discovered that my flip phone is conversation piece. More so than the latest $1200 Apple iPhone Megatron X is.
It stands out….kind like when you see a model T rolling down main St.

More people notice my flip phone. Well, they used to. Less now.
Most people have become remote control zombies hunched over like Lurch walking into walls, cars, poles, other people or anything that happens to be in the path of the staggering user.
I enjoy watching them here on Main St. Its entertaining.
Give someone 10 spare seconds, they will swipe! Whatever.



My cell bill (TWO PHONES) is $31.00 a month. No contract. The battery lasts 3 weeks on a charge. No constant “updates”. Regular buttons- no swipe BUT My sanity is intact. Its easy to be present.
People have told me Im missing out by not knowing everything, every where, every moment.
They are correct.
Im missing out on $200 per month cell bills, looking for a charging outlet after 1/2 day, anxiety, phantom vibrate syndrome, constant radiation, snapping pics of every meal, walking into objects and LOLing. (LOLing?) Texting LOL!

I cant help but chuckle to myself as I write this. This shit is not OK!


I actually think the phone is not to blame. It is not the problem anymore than than Fast food is to blame if your overweight. Its the users not setting common sense boundaries with a powerful and potentially addictive tool.
Denial runs rampant regardless of the subject.

If your looking at this on a phone, I hope you dont walk into anything.
But if you do, at least you can download the ambulance app and check the waiting time at the ER.






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