What your missing out on (Smartphone)

FOMO (Fear of missing out) ...fear? come on!?
Your over use of that damn smartphone is making you into a stressed out idiot.

The thing is If you carry a “smart” phone with you everywhere you go to avoid FOMO your screwed AND your truly creating the worst kind of FOMO.
Your missing out on YOUR life!

Without margins the words just run together

Before the “smartphone” (I really question the smart) us humans had breathers!
Time between events. Margins. Time to shift gears, reflect, think. create, ponder, refresh…single task, BE present, occasionally interact with those around us in a meaningful way.

The breathers-Replaced by staring at the “screen” (FOMO)
-Waiting in a line of ANY length (anywhere)
-The supermarket (its line OR aisles)
-Bathroom (sad but true)
-Restaurant (waiting to be seated AND during the meal)
-Driving (you WILL taste AIRBAG if you continue)
-While out with a friend for coffee (rude)
-Funerals (the only one relaxed is the one you came to honor)
-Walking your dog (GOTTA stare at the screen)
-Exercising (Need the app) ..NEED…
-Planes, trains, & automobiles. (there is no sanity)

On top of zero down time the overuse of the smartphone provides the fact remains your human and you simply cannot be where you are and “somewhere else”at the same time with out paying a price.
Those Feelings of stress & anxiety are the bodies way to say ENOUGH of this! – but most shove a rag in the mouth of the way we feel with a “pill” for anxiety….and continue to Facebook for FOMO.
Sad shit really.

Not owning a “smart” phone certainly adds a unique (and unpopular) perspective to my seeing nearly everyone hunched over, screen gazing with zero situational awareness.
I will sometimes try to strike a conversation with the “connected” person while in line. Mostly the result is the person trying to conceal the fact that IM ANNOYING them.
Fair enough.
Do they see that they make ME uncomfortable being disconnected zombies?
Being the only one actually present is becoming as rare as the vinyl record these days.
Wait a minute- isnt the vinyl record “coming back ” ?
(It is)


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