Most people around me are experts in distraction.
In my observation, most people who-at any given time, occupy physical space around me are rapidly oscillating between present & intensely distracted-bordering comatose.
What a screwed up mess of a ultra connected, know it all ,know it NOW “life”most are choosing to pursue.
Since I choose to not own or rather, be owned by a “Smart” Phone I have to survive somehow.  Right?
Being the literal sheep among wolves, I do what I  gotta do.

A simple conversation.

Ive developed a coping mechanism to maintain my sanity in this light speed digital delusion  called  life these days.
Heres how it works.
When Im  in conversation, in person, inevitably the persons phone will “bing.” Indicating something incredibly important is occurring SOMEWHERE ELSE.
They usually say “Im still listening” with their head down, eyes moving as they read and the light from the “smart” device  creates a dim glow on their completely distracted face.
That’s when I pause and state…
I can wait”….

Its an amazingly effective strategy both to bring awareness to this addict that they truly are fragmenting their very existence into shattered pieces AND helps me feel like one who maintains my integrity and sanity by being shown AGAIN that Im less important than someone- who is not here.

Preach it. (No- Dont.)
Ive found that “preaching” how that %X&#% phone is reducing ones focus to the level of a four year old at daycare with too many toys in front of them simply places the “preachee” on defense.
And people on the defense naturally defend.
People respond better to contrast.
So, I simply live – present. Present. Now thats a serious contrast these days.
Present stands out  and speaks louder than words can express be they on this blog, or read on the  “must have” iPhone 11.
Just – please…read all that while Im not trying to talk to you.

Welcome to the R3volution.
Theres no app for common sense.


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