Three Keys a to simple life.

With your cooperation “Letting go” of whats trying to leave your life will enable you to go to your “next level” with out much or ANY effort.
“Letting go” is not loss. It is allowing.
Allowing is the opposite of resistance.

In our lives we only have so much room. Leading a “crazy busy“, UN-reflective lifestyle will keep the noise level so high you will not hear your own guidance system – that quiet voice- that knowing telling you to slow the hell down. To let some shit go. Make some room- that its time for some old to go so some NEW can come in!
That – its time to GROW!

Recently I quieted my life up a bit and added some margins of time to listen. To reflect. Ponder. To pay attention how I felt about many areas of my life.
I heard some surprising things!
With this newly gleaned insight I decided to “get serious” with letting go of what was not serving me or adding value to my life anymore. To make room for whats next.

I used Three keys to determine if an item , habit , hobby etc. could potentially go. A litmus test of sorts.
#1- I was an expert at doing it. (as in cant grow more- really)
#2- I was comfortable. I felt secure at “doing” the task, job, hobby etc.
#3– If this statement applied “Ive always done this “Its all I know” How can I NOT continue doing this??
Number #3 was the big one that I could no longer ignore.

Upon evaluation I found several things in my life that fit somewhere in the” three keys”.
-My car (when sitting in traffic became intolerable)
-My old Job (It was comfortable but not my passion) It become “boring”. A”paycheck”.
-My Amateur Radio hobby (Same hobby 25 years. same shit different day)
-The town I lived in. (“OK” but not best. I was “dealing” but not thriving!)

SO….What would any reasonable, sain person do with this incredible information?
Either …nothing. OR slowly, make calculated careful changes over time & adjust.
Who could disagree with that?
SO…What did I do?:
Sold both cars – (bicycle around or city.) no traffic!
-Left my job – started a business that IS my passion.
-Terminated my amateur radio license (Freed up countless hours,sold lots of equipment)
Deleted all of my social media accounts (talk about time suck & addiction?)
-Moved to a small walk able/ bike able City that I LOVE!!!

Because of this radical action:
-Ive gained time, freedom, a renewed sense of power. (Think about that.)
-I have less “stuff” to deal with, worry about, insure, clean, maintain, fix, upgrade.
-The extra “room” these choices created led me to blogging! (something I never had time for before).
-Selling off two cars has been an amazingly good choice! We have saved tons of money and hassle- we have simplified!
A small unexpected added benefit – even my my key ring has simplified!
It easily fits in my pocket now.
That formerly stuffed key ring with multiple car remotes is now reduced to:
just two house keys and
one mailbox key.
You know…..
Three Keys.


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