The Subculture of simple living.

Today I chose to walk the under half mile (10min) to the supermarket to pick up a few needed items. Its been raining all day. A soaking rain. I bike everywhere lately but thought a walk with my new rain jacket might be nice… I would stay drier than biking! I was right. Once in the store I was unusually aware that  people seemed to be in -walking fast, really fast. Frantically looking for the quickest moving lane (ok I get that part!) and seemingly racing to the next register line at almost any cost. (I thought…all this to save what …30 seconds..maybe?)
At 5PM here in Concord NH the supermarket gets pretty busy, people stop in after the 9-5 on the way home. Even so,  I was still in and out with my one bag of groceries. Upon leaving the store I began to really feel free. REALLY free. It just kinda came on me – this free feeling. It was then that I came to the crosswalk where the store parking lot meets the main Rd.  I noticed traffic…”lines” of about 12 cars each- just trying to just get to the exit..jockeying  for position(I thought- I dont miss that).
Its now  rain as I walk, freely, (no waiting) to the crosswalk where a frustrated driver slams on his brakes…you see -they HAVE to let me cross. Im a pedestrian.
I feel free. As I walked (unencumbered) the last 7 minutes home in the pouring rain (dry though -my new rain jacket with hood is awesome) the feeling of freedom still strong, I reflect on the many conversations leading up to the ditching of our car in April. I clearly remember thinking “being car less will be cool in general but will suck on rainy days”. Interesting. Simple living-becoming free involves less. Starting with owning less shit (for us, cars included).
This walk. It was just me, on foot, a sidewalk to myself. No traffic, No stress and a “crosswalk experience” that made me feel Like Bruce Almighty as I approached the crosswalk and all the stressed people in traffic from the stopped for ME.
Ive known that less is more. Ive learned that freedom is a personal journey.
Ive also discovered that  living simple is a subculture.. (and in my former car based lazy and hurried life style) I never really noticed the people enjoying living stress free right in front of me. Maybe that’s because I didn’t stop for them as they approached the crosswalk….saving 30 seconds….maybe …You know. Right?

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