The Lifestyle Revolution is on (Be happy!)

The American dream has been discontinued.

The American dream. Ah yes. Own a House,  a car (now at least two). Two Children, the white picket fence (was wood- now plastic BTW). There you have it. Congratulations! You are definitely “happy” now! The plan has worked…The neighbors believe your happy . The most insane part of this scenario is your NOT happy. WTF?
Its impossible to be happy living someone else s dream.
“You own a house. you own two cars. But you dont own them. Bank of Evilness does.
All you really own is your depression and anxiety because you are trapped.
Any being – human or animal , when trapped, by instinct, wants to escape! to obtain freedom once again. Most are so trapped they call vacation an “escape” (then – willingly return?).
Freedom is a birthright.
We all arrive on this planet FREE. Its our choice to give away our freedom & power & walk in to that cage watching the steel door shut upon you choice to sign that 40 year mortgage! THEN (why not ) Two new cars with 7 year car loans.
SLAM. Clink. Presto. You are a debt slave.

A quick look around at the younger generations (millennial’s & even boomers) reveals
a revolution is well underway. They were a part of the American dream after all.
For years they watched on as Dad came home from the job he hated- late, in his brand new car (he never owned) , exhausted, Almost daily they watched Dad empty the mailbox his your head down saying “more bills” as he added them to the current 3-6″ drifts of unopened mail (mostly bills) on the table, then head to the cabinet for “a drink” to “unwind”. (The kids counted five drinks actually.)

They heard Dad repeatedly drone on about a day in a distant galaxy when a magic genie would fix all this shit! It goes like this …20, 15 ,10 years till 65! retirement! THEN I will be free and can travel, kick back, relax! THEN I can live! THEN will be happy!
Recently they were also there to visit at the hospital after Dad had a massive stroke at 64 that will leave him with only one side of his body to function as he drizzles water with their help from a sippy cup.

Freedom lifestyle. The NEW normal (its time for shit to change!)
(owning stuff vs paying for a service)


The shift we are seeing NOW is that personal choice and freedom are priorities for the kids who grew up living with parents who were “livin the dream”.
They are speaking with their wallets. They learned from their parents.
They are “happier” Paying for services VS Owning shit that owns them.

Renting apartments/ homes vs buying
Let someone else deal with the responsibility of the water heater blowing up, taxes, paint, heat, roof, snow removal, insurance etc. Renting is usually cheaper than owning YES I said that -(do your own research-) I was a Realtor- THEY are the ones who propagate the bullshit of how your throwing your money away by not owning).
Renting leaves you free to move on a whim-explore other locations easily.
Renting is paying for a service. Its freedom to come and go as you please while the property is maintained by other who enjoys doing so.
Buying cars CASH (or not at all!)
Do the math its SUPER expensive to have a car. (average $9000 a year) . Plus sitting in traffic sucks.
Matter of fact its largely reported that even drivers licenses apps are decreasing disproportionately to eligible potential drivers.
Instead the generation of today desire a “walk able community”. More options. Walking, biking even bus commute can replace the “dream” of car ownership (translation- The total money sucking pain in the ass of owning).
Need a car? (there will be those times)borrow one or RENT on for your trip.
This all makes sense. This generations “happy” is a proactive response to watching the last generations “happy”.
The old paradigm was If you own alot of shit you must be”successful”. That’s over.

Owning less. They watched on as Grandma polished her room absorbing 500 lb China cabinet and the 750 imported porcelain figurines that filled it. They know it was 500 lbs because it took 3 people to carry the cabinet to the street after she passed. The cabinet has a current worth of ZERO. The 750 figurines are worth more though! The whole lot of them currently sit in a box at Goodwill marked $10.00.

In Summary the revolution theme is LESS IS MORE.
Time is the new currency. Its about living now-Before 65. The gig is up, they know “Retirement”is bullshit. Live life now while you have good health and can move, travel.
Be debt free. Be free to just “up and go”…or even just change jobs or start a business! Have the option to do all this with out concern of “losing it all”.
Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
The revolution is on.
Be Happy. 🙂
(with out clothes pins on your face).

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