The BIG Delete (Social Media)

(From Sept 2017)
In the spirit of a Simplifi(ed) Life, I deleted one of my my social media accounts today. I had two social accounts-both on twitter. One is for this blog. The other for my music. Im also an music artist. (DJ)
I have never been a real big fan of social media from its inception. That said, in 2015 I decided to give it a go. I set up a twitter account for my work as a DJ.
The two years I have had the account it proved to be of some value. I kept this account focused to my music (not my “personal stuff”)and networked with other artists and my listeners / fans “followed” me. I was now “in the loop”!
After about a month on the socials I learned that most DJ’s – me included, used the socials mostly to say “Check out my new Mix at!” Like every week. week after week. I also learned that after you see the SAME post, every week, over and over you ignore it- you kinda zone out. Its human nature- nothing personal. How bout the users that tweet and RT constantly? Honestly, what really wore on me the most was the constant negative political stuff. I get it, you dont like him. Its been 10 months now. enough already ! Cheer up!

Beyond that- It WAS amazing! I got to see what people had for lunch(?) as they took pictures of each meal for the world to see (?) I knew when people I barely knew were traveling, where they went .,what airline they took, if they liked this airline-(of course what they ate!).Im glad I experienced Social Media. Im also Glad to move on.

Another thing I learned is that human natures deepest desires are super magnified while on the socials. The need for recognition, “friends”, fame, approval, attention, and numbers soon take over. It can be – an usually was, an emotional roller coaster that oscillates between feelings of envy, feeling left out, questioning if Im “as good” as_____ or even if my car, my body wasn’t good enough. How about the anticipation of logging in to get the little dopamine hits (read addiction) of seeing likes, follows or new followers. or what I might be “missing”.

I have been mentally wrestling with pushing the big DELETE on that account for quite some time now.

#1 reason I deleted : Addiction. I found myself spending too much time like a moth to light on the news feed. Social Media was built from the ground up to be addictive.

#2 Twitters privacy invasion that I had to agree to but that never sat right with me.
By “agreeing” Im saying Im OK with a corporation recording my every move from my browser and keeping that info for 30 days? (right 30 days). CREEPY.

#3 This deletion will make room in my life for what adds value.
Im ready for quality. Social media offers mostly quantity.
Besides, I still have 29 days to come around – jonesing!

I will post again as to how this goes.
Gotta run . its dinner time.
Unfortunately, you wont get to see a pic of my meal before I eat it.



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