The American Dream is bullshit.

Work, Sleep, REPEAT (Keep running!) ..Well one day you will truly be happy!
Hows that expression go…”Kids say the darnedest things”? …. What about “adults”?
On my journey, Ive observed the most obscure statements from adults.
Heres just a few:
-I HATE my job, BUT It pays the bills .I only have ___ years to go to “get to” retirement- THEN I will be HAPPY.
Once I make more Money I will be happy OR the “problem” is “I don’t make enough”.
-I NEED to work 40 plus hours.
-I NEED MORE “hours”.
-I NEED a NEW Car (truck, SUV).
-I DESERVE a NEW Car (truck, SUV).
-My DREAM is to _____ BUT Im “stuck “here.
-Where I live Sucks,  but I make the best of it. I
-CANT MOVE because _____ (bullshit excuse).
-“ONE DAY” I will enjoy my life.
  -The Doctor says the  stress that’s making me SICK is caused by my JOB. But he’s just given me a new script that should “help”…Im ok. all is great.

Congrats, Now your in the medical system also – a two system bonus!.

A nightmare IS a dream! (sort of)

The American “dream”was a concept pushed on to us after World War 2 to kick start the “economy” (were told) I call BULL SHIT.
It was to create the DEBT SLAVE!  You know…how this goes…The Corporate job, the “benefits” 2 or more children, 2 cars-BOTH NEW and neither you own. The bank does. Then there is the  “nice” house! Boy is it nice. Big too. a real trophy. (oops- THATS not yours either…Its the Banks, mortgage’s companies and the towns (taxes).
But wait…. this sucks..dosent it???
Guess NOT… because the average American lives like this.
“owns” 2 cars, both average $479 a month. EACH.
(Thats JUST the “payment-doesn’t include reg, insurance etc) The house?? Thats easy! $2000 a month mortgage for that amazing house (That includes taxes- its all good).
SO there you are. Trapped.

A voluntary prisoner in the American Dream matrix.
Just keep in mind that one day you will be happy ….
Find “one day” on your calendar…HINT…..its just after “someday”.

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