Subculture of Simple Living (Poor Guy)

The looks I get when Im out biking this (snowy & cold) winter are amazing.
I can define the look I get from motorists in a word…. Sympathy.
“OMG hes out in the Snow & COLD. Biking!?  Poor guy.

I wonder….Do they know that I feel sympathy for them as well?
I know nothing of their life.  BUT
I DO know that that 2018 Escalade  Starts at $73.995″ 
Quick math puts the Monthly payment at about $1400. For 5 years.
That’s before the Gas, maintenance, Registration, etc.
“OMG hes paying well over $1800 a month for that beast!?”  Poor guy.

Looks can be deceiving:

Just as judgements can be.
They know nothing of my life …. And I of theirs!
They probably think I am “residentially” challenged or the such!
I “probably” think that Beast is overkill for size and price!

The thing is:
(no one knows…)

I do not know. Maybe $1800 a month is no strain for him?
They dont know..Maybe I enjoy the freedom & simplicityof getting around town on bike?
What IS important is that our lifestyle choices serve us.
I can only speak for me.
Im finding my fit within the “sub culutre” of less.
The Subculture of SImple Living


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