Social Media & Analog Me.

One of my creative outlets is music.
I kept hearing from well meaning (and stressed out)  people almost roboticlly stating  “you GOTTA HAVE ” a social media “presence”.

I “made it ” to 2015 w/o Social Media.

FB is creepy.  Very creepy. (Im talking privacy whoring..READ the terms& conditions you “agree” to)/
Google & Youtube are WORSE.
So, I started twitter- to build my “presence”.
Only a few months in the”numbers” said I was making an impact!
More Followers, More likes, More retweets!!
I began to like the rush of it all. (Heroin addicts start this way).
Question is…When will the numbers be “enough”. 100 followers, 500 followers, 1000 followers…?
There will never be enough. ever. Its like tail chasing.

What the numbers & stats do not tally:

The walks & bicycling I suddenly had less time for.
The quality hours I no longer spent with my SO.
The fact that the deep work that I used to apply to my music was “shattered”
by constant attention to my “presence”.
The attention I no longer placed on the analog me. (Real me).
Calories not burned as I sat here at the PC “scrolling” the news feed like a person with a gambling addiction at fox woods- waiting, hoping for the big win.

This isnt working as planned 🙁

I tried an experiment . I deleted my acct and walked.  COLD TURKEY.
The most surprising thing I learned was that NONE- yes NONE of my “passionate followers” even noticed. Zero. Zilch.Nada.
Tweet that for me huh??? “LOL”

So…I just “died” an no one noticed?

Correct.  Thats pretty telling to this author.
Ive since come to peace with that.
I have no ill will towards the many people who
“liked, followed & looked” at my super important pictures and incredibly profound statements of wisdom that I used precious minutes/hours to create. (sarcasm).

Im actually still alive though (and happier).

I decided to email a few (actual) friends in my circle of interest.
Formerly this contact would have occurred on Twitters IM or (worse) on public twitter(?) (Never felt comfortable with that one).
Its nice to own the domain, email address (you own NOTHING on social media) and communicate at a relaxed pace and with a level of privacy that removes the grandstanding & pressure to gain the “numbers”.

In the calm and silence walking from the noisy crowd on SM, I have given my unique creativity a chance to function. Again.

So, I will lump along without social media, and  my sanity restored to pre 2015 levels.
I just have to “be ok” with not knowing what the  175 people that followed me (that I dont really know)  had for lunch today-but I will pull through.
All those missing hours have found their way back in my life. Amazing.
Ive resorted to cave man socializing….
Meeting people IN PERSON.  In my analog (real) Community.
The community where I write the terms and conditions.


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