Self Worth (The reasons you struggle)

Struggling……?What is it you struggle with? HOW LONG have you –  and how much longer will you continue to struggle with any/ all of these? Motivation?
Weight loss?
Debt….?Big list here in the USA…… ALL these. YES ALL these – 100 percent of the time are a result of this ONE thing.
YOU need more SELF WORTH.  Period.
Let me expound on this a bit.
Self Worth is defined as :

The sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

Attacking  each and every ” issue”, addiction, bad habit  is like constantly mopping your floor from the leaking pipe over head. Instead of repairing the source of the leak- the BROKEN PIPE.  The broken pipe here  is that simply that your self worth is way to low WHEN your self worth goes up I GUARANTEE you will:

-Be motivated -(with out “pushing” yourself)  because you will be EXCITED to pursue your dreams, instead of just  “settle” for your “job”.

-Lose weight (because you will NOT eat shitty food or too much food – because you respect yourself and have no negative emotions left to “stuff”

-EASILY walk from Alcohol, drugs, overeating, medicating) because you will NOT want to have a chemical in control, or be enslaved to negative shit anymore).

– Depression will be gone or dimming. Your new joy, excitement and sense of PURPOSE will kick its ASS out of your life – forever- alot of our “depression” comes from KNOWING that we are settling when we really have dreams!!

-Anxiety will leave your life. Anxiety is FEAR of the future! you will be excited for your future.

– Debt? sorry. Your worth more than that. “A borrower is slave to the Lender” you will laugh at ANY “bank” owning YOU. YOU are now worth more that that !

-BE free and now be able to help others who suffer!!!! – THIS is a life worth living. HOW to increase your self worth? STOP settling…Your worth more!

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