Say NO so you can say YES (accounts add up!)

“Do you have an account with us?”

“Accounts” have become necessary piece of living a decent life today.
Accounts for your utilities, cell phone, mortgage, bank are examples.

A valuable part of my journey from “crazy busy” to sanity was taking an inventory of how many “accounts” I had – Then making changes.

What about the internet accounts? How many do you have?
Take a piece of paper and a pen (yes like its 1990) and write down every internet account you have. You may have to dig a bit.
After this inventory I found….
I had 22 accounts.
I deleted 15 accounts! …and turned off email push notifications to the remainder I chose to keep.
Each “account” is more time & energy you give away & adds to “crazy busy”.
Accounts :
-Require set up time.
-Require regular maintenance or “new updates” (time suck)
-Require a password & a user name. (more shit to remember)
-Require you to “agree” to THEIR terms. (have you READ them?)
-Put you more at risk to a privacy breach. (your just a marketing number).
-Email (torture)you with “updates”, deals etc. (adds noise to your life)
-Each internet account keeps you “surfing”while REAL life ticks away.
-How much time have you squandered trying to reset a forgotten password?

It all adds up!
Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Netflix, Google,Youtube, Dell, Airlines, multiple email accounts, web hosting, cell phone, “Reward” cards for gas, food, tools, hardware…

Question any “account” that leads with saving you ANYTHING.
“Do you have a rewards card?”
“Sign up by text to get 20 percent off” (and get tortured with spam and marketed to).
“Members” get 10 cents a gallon gas discount”. (Big deal!?..thats maybe 4% discount)
“Save time by….” sign up here………..BULLSHIT.
“Rewards card”? Really???
“Rebates” LOL.
I found the REAL reward is taking back my time, sanity & privacy.
Just say NO.
Each time Im offered a “reward” I tell them that its annoying & the best way to “reward” me is not with a “game”. Instead, how about you show you value me AND MY TIME with fair prices and no gimmicks?
The next time your offered a new reward/account…….think about your inventory results.
Just say no. Then you can say yes (to sanity, peace & quiet).
After all always get what you pay for.




2 Replies to “Say NO so you can say YES (accounts add up!)”

  1. haha! I have FAR TOO MANY accounts. I’m trying to slowly but surely consolidate where I can though. Half of my problem is forgetting login IDs and passwords. Gets pretty insane too, when you play the credit card points game.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Forgetting is EASY with a bunch of accounts…
    you watch- quote me on this
    there is coming a global PW …to “solve ” the issue:)
    The problem will be that getting hacked OR the “biblical ” scale of creepiness to that !!
    And your correct – it IS a “game”…

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