Life with no Car. (How un American?!)

From April 2017

Last week  we sold our car. Our one car. Our ONLY car.
At 222,000 trouble free miles our Toyota owed us NOTHING! Purchased at 99,000 miles 10 years ago and paid off 7 years ago- Daisy (our pet name for her) was part of the family -for years- outlasting two of my shit box GM cars (another story) Now facing a $700 plus repair, we decided to leave her parked as we considered our NEXT car or repair options.  After almost 60 days of walking, biking (no car use) we decided to Sell Daisy!

Lets be CRAZY- Lets DO this!! NO CAR???  YES NO CAR!

A friend at my work bought her last week
NOTE(s): We live in a small city- everything is close. My wife works a 3 min walk  away.

Some things we have said “goodbye” to…

Our mechanic (nothing personal!)
The gym. (no need to “go” exercise). We walk/bike as a lifestyle.
Our auto insurance company. (evil laugh) awesomeness.
Car loan (IF you had payments- we did not)
Our local car wash.
Gas stations.
Parking meters.
Yearly inspections
Yearly registration.
In my next Blog…….What we did with the money we got for Daisy.
The disadvantages of and questions I receive by NOT owning a car..


The speed at which we live (Whats the hurry?)

“Real Quick”
….As soon as I hear that as the start of a sentence, I state…Its OK, I got time…go ahead….
I used to think it was just my “opinion” that we are living in a fast paced existence. I frequently hear “we are living in a fast fast paced world” “Life’s speeding up”.  That be true. What?? you ask? …What do you mean that CAN be true? (read on).
Then and Now.
Heres a partial list of business names, services, products &  quotes that comes to mind to prove fast is the new fashion:

Mobil gas – now Mobil ON THE RUN
Plastic bag for food now Easy open bag (got no time to screw around)
Rice now Minute Rice Go for lunch now “grab” lunch (oh how relaxing- GRAB Tums also)
Let me explain or show you something  now “real Quick”….(my favorite)
Toll booth  now  FAST pass Go (like gotta go ) now  Run (Gotta RUN) I
In depth/deep conversation  now Bottom Line?”
Dating  now  Speed dating
Reading  now Speed Reading
Oven  now  Microwave Oven
Popcorn  now Jiffy Pop(fast but chemical laden)
Letter, email   now   INSTANT messenger, Text.
Speak  now  Text (LOL- not funny – SAD)
Laughing  now  LOL
Telephone now “smart” phone (I have issue w/that- NOT a smart thing really)
Single task  now Multi Tasking (MASSIVE FAIL)…

Whats one to do??

Choose to opt out. You can choose to simply not partake in any of this mayhem. And it IS mayhem. Most (not all ) CHOOSE to sleep little, do too much and do it sick, half assed and rushed. SLOW THE HELL DOWN. YOU CAN. I have. Step by step.
In 2010 , a time when I ran too fast, I Worked 50 hours, plus commuted 2 hours a day to a fast paced job (that I didnt like), held a “leadership” position at an organization, was a Realtor, and just married. After 4 years of this I got sick. NO wonder!
Today I work for me and run at a peaceful slower paced cadence.
I do not feel guilty about free time. Im not “bored” ,I use this free time to think, create, blog, shop (for better food), cook the better food- slowly (no microwave), enjoy biking, excising.
I QUIT  texting ,GRABBING lunch.
I now visit friends in person (when they have time) and enjoy life MUCH MUCH more.
Whats the hurry?
When we rush through the grocery store we MAY save about 60 seconds of our visit, them JOG to the car, “throw” the groceries in and “fly” away and maybe save 30 seconds…..TOTAL.
Time it…. I did your friggen miserable and nearly killed various shoppers and btw, you were going so fast by people, you didnt see them snarl at you for being a pushy prick.
In summary- you can CHOOSE to take this step by step, and just slow down. You will enjoy life-for a change.
Because really …
Whats the Hurry?


Life with no TV. (The way life should be)

The following questions led up to TV & I breaking up in 2008.
Why am I paying for “cable”?
What could I DO If I didn’t sit here”watching TV”?
How is this box and its programming serving ME?
NEWS? no. LIES yes.
So, I literally unhooked the cable box, drove to “the cable company” and said “Id like to discontinue service”.
OK. she said. Whats you NEW address going to be? (Me) Ummm Im not moving, I just no longer desire cable services…Heres your box and your remote.
(long pause)
Her response was somewhat amazing to me.
“Well, hows that going to work out? NO TV? (I actually began to smile a bit at the prospect of this). I cannot remember my answer to her (shallow) probing question. I do clearly remember asking for a receipt and the walk to my car.
I had that schools out for the summer feeling! Im free(er) !!
FF- Nine years later. 2017 – I have no regrets. Zero. Nada, None.
I have learned that TV as we know it ruins you. TV  It Tells lies to Your Vision.
We pay to be tortured by ads showing us we wont be happy UNLESS we buy_____.
We put up with “news media”, “Breaking” news, mindless entertainment and ruthless mind numbing “programming”(They call them program’s. for a reason.) To program YOU and me. The only way to see things clearly is to have a good amount of time away from TV (forever will work well)
When I see “breaking news” and other force fed BS on random TV’s, at waiting rooms, etc I now clearly see the  extreme drama, and hear words like horrific, terrifying, you wont believe this…coming up…!! Any service that needs to keep you baited with fear, and disappointment should be walked from.
How bout you? If your addicted to TV, try a day, then a week…..maybe you will will be driving to your service provider with their equipment, and have your own story.

Self Worth (The reasons you struggle)

Struggling……?What is it you struggle with? HOW LONG have you –  and how much longer will you continue to struggle with any/ all of these? Motivation?
Weight loss?

Big list here in the USA…… ALL these. YES ALL these – 100 percent of the time are a result of this ONE thing.
YOU need more SELF WORTH.  Period.
Let me expound on this a bit.
Self Worth is defined as :

The sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

Attacking  each and every ” issue”, addiction, bad habit  is like constantly mopping your floor from the leaking pipe over head. Instead of repairing the source of the leak- the BROKEN PIPE.  The broken pipe here  is that simply that your self worth is way to low WHEN your self worth goes up I GUARANTEE you will:

-Be motivated -(with out “pushing” yourself)  because you will be EXCITED to pursue your dreams, instead of just  “settle” for your “job”.

-Lose weight (because you will NOT eat shitty food or too much food – because you respect yourself and have no negative emotions left to “stuff”

-EASILY walk from Alcohol, drugs, overeating, medicating) because you will NOT want to have a chemical in control, or be enslaved to negative shit anymore).

– Depression will be gone or dimming. Your new joy, excitement and sense of PURPOSE will kick its ASS out of your life – forever- alot of our “depression” comes from KNOWING that we are settling when we really have dreams!!

-Anxiety will leave your life. Anxiety is FEAR of the future! you will be excited for your future.

– Debt? sorry. Your worth more than that. “A borrower is slave to the Lender” you will laugh at ANY “bank” owning YOU. YOU are now worth more that that !

-BE free and now be able to help others who suffer!!!! – THIS is a life worth living. HOW to increase your self worth? STOP settling…Your worth more!