Owning vs Access. The revolution is on.

Minimalism has taught me that the less I own the happier I am.
There is a freedom in not owning but still having access to items, services.

We ALL practice access vs owning already

For example….You may have rented a carpet cleaner in the past. For the 1 time a year you need it WHY own it?
How about a party tent? Bet you rented one in the past for the one or two times you needed it for a party or celebration.
The list can go on….AND IT SHOULD!
Let “someone else” OWN, store, clean, repair, insure, deliver, charge, replace those things- yet you have access to them when necessary for a fraction of the money and headache.

I ditched my car 6 months ago.
Since then Ive rented a car twice for trips. I have taken a cab a few times for shorter trips with heavy items.
These are also examples of access vs owning.

A few more access vs ownership examples:

-Renting a home / apartment vs owning.
-Use public park vs buying swing set for kids.
-Public Library vs Amazon for Books, videos.
-Public / private transport vs your car to commute.
-Landscaper vs owning mower, & all the home items needed to slave on your property.
(plus its a great feeling taking back your weekends!)
-Owning music (Albums CD’s) vs Spotify, youtube etc.

If you want your time and sanity BACK consider making a few changes.
You dont need to own so much shit! (It owns YOU)
Consider what you will gain by access vs ownership.
I guarantee you will have more time to blog.
I wrote this entry while my lawn was being mowed for me!




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