The Store.

With Winters soon arrival imminent I decided I would like to have a cheap bike to ride during this brutal season. (Road salt EATS metal stuff around here).
It was last November when I saw that the local privately owned thrift store had a few bicycles out front.
Well, I got a bike there. It bringing me through winter!
(Bike story here)

The Owner.

Ever meet someone who & though you dont know them , you can tell they are a person of intense and rare character?
Thats Buddy.
Buddy Owns The thrift shop.
Like a throwback to a simpler time I gave hem a few items, he gave me the bike. We made a refreshing barter.
He didnt want to store the bike as winter was coming and it wouldn’t sell.
I didnt want the items as they were just sitting in my closet. (how useful!)
The best part about this winter has not been the bike, biking, and it definitely has not been the 10 degree nights with 10 below windchill.
No, the best part of this winter has been making a friend.


Stopping by the store a few times to “just say hi”& chat with Buddy has to my surprise, generated some of he most sincere and deep (meaningful) conversations Ive had. Ever.
Conversations about whats important in life.
-Our journey.
-Being present.
-The incredible paradox of
social media,
smart phones
And how these things, though “good” are also  double edged swords.


Buddy uses all the above (and more), but not to serve his own ass as
a disgusting number of people do.
No, its because Buddy has an “other”centered life style.
He truly wakes each day (though he has more than his share of struggles)
and self motivates himself to “get going” and does so mainly to help ….Others
We could all benefit from less navel gazing …even if its a little.

The Video.
The video attached to this post is Buddys latest.
He didnt ask me to “promote ” him.
When you are authentic,and making a difference out there the news spreads with out the usual “efforts”. It flows!
His Youtube channel  is here
This post is to honor my new friend- a quiet hero – one whos not looking for the attention.
You see, that how the universe really works.
He gets that. Hes gets alot actually
Because you truly  get what you GIVE.

Buddy’s latest Video.


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