Life with no TV. (The way life should be)

The following questions led up to TV & I breaking up in 2008.
Why am I paying for “cable”?
What could I DO If I didn’t sit here”watching TV”?
How is this box and its programming serving ME?
NEWS? no. LIES yes.
So, I literally unhooked the cable box, drove to “the cable company” and said “Id like to discontinue service”.
OK. she said. Whats you NEW address going to be? (Me) Ummm Im not moving, I just no longer desire cable services…Heres your box and your remote.
(long pause)
Her response was somewhat amazing to me.
“Well, hows that going to work out? NO TV? (I actually began to smile a bit at the prospect of this). I cannot remember my answer to her (shallow) probing question. I do clearly remember asking for a receipt and the walk to my car.
I had that schools out for the summer feeling! Im free(er) !!
FF- Nine years later. 2017 – I have no regrets. Zero. Nada, None.
I have learned that TV as we know it ruins you. TV  It Tells lies to Your Vision.
We pay to be tortured by ads showing us we wont be happy UNLESS we buy_____.
We put up with “news media”, “Breaking” news, mindless entertainment and ruthless mind numbing “programming”(They call them program’s. for a reason.) To program YOU and me. The only way to see things clearly is to have a good amount of time away from TV (forever will work well)
When I see “breaking news” and other force fed BS on random TV’s, at waiting rooms, etc I now clearly see the  extreme drama, and hear words like horrific, terrifying, you wont believe this…coming up…!! Any service that needs to keep you baited with fear, and disappointment should be walked from.
How bout you? If your addicted to TV, try a day, then a week…..maybe you will will be driving to your service provider with their equipment, and have your own story.

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