Life. AFTER Social Media.

Whats super addictive (cant go more than a few hours (or minutes) without freaking out), available almost everywhere, fits in your pocket & over time takes away from your health?

Its been a couple of months since I deleted my social media accounts.
(Checking- pulse) Still alive. MORE alive actually.

The rest of this blog entry will be a departure from my “usual” style in that Im simply going to provide a bullet point list of my findings now that Im completely free of the addiction of social media.

-The first several days after the delete I felt like “something was missing”.

-I began to find that I had MUCH more “free time”.

-After about 10 days I realized that social media is addictive as Hell & I was glad to be free of its incessant time suck & the endless drama, comparison, and “news”.

-Social media has much in common with a slot machine. You keep playing waiting for the big prize that may never come. Even if it does, its never good enough- so you keep playing- suddenly you KNOW this is problematic but feel powerless to control it. Interestingly enough this slot machine can be in your pocket so its everywhere you are
(your mobile device).

-I have achieved a new calmness that others notice.

-Anxiety level is near ZERO. As with any addiction, you feel better when you break free.

Not one person has noticed that Im no longer have an account!

-FOMO is bullshit.

– The gigs up-Quantity can no longer masquerade as an actual replacement for QUALITY.

-Ive started a local minimalism/simplify group in my town, biked 200 miles plus,put more time into my music,
began volunteering for two different great local ventures and read a book “All that remains” – ALL in the last 30 days! (I never did ANY of this when I was a zombie on the twitter all night.)

-This delete has empowered me to question everything about my digital life and its value.

-Im OK with out Memes.

-I still have Friends and Likes its just that the words have value now.

-When I hear ANYONE say “I have no time” I no longer believe them.

– With 2.5 more hours in your day …. well YOU FILL IN the blank….

-Social media is nothing more than large ADVERTISING companies offering you the promise of “connection” in exchange for your most precious & valuable asset TIME. All the while selling pieces of your life to those who want to torture you with ads.

-With out time away from social media one will NEVER know the waste of time it truly is.

-Using social media on your phone while waiting in a line, at an airport, at the supermarket, in your car while driving, during a meeting with real people in your presence should be a wake up call…….but…its NOT (dont ask me why you feel like you cant relax anywhere)

-Reading books is simple and dosent hurt my eyes.(and I suddenly have time to read again).

-Attention (deep work). I no longer feel a compulsion to “check” twitter when working on other things. I complete my work uninterrupted , leaving even MORE time for me.

-When I look at my awesome plate of food I no longer think of taking pictures of it.

-Seeing your vacation pictures, with you, in person to share in your excitement cannot be replaced by any digital medium, including social media.

-Humans were never “designed” to know everything, from everywhere, from everyone, at all times. It messes you up.

-Meeting In person feels right and private. I appreciate it MUCH more.

Freedom isnt free.
Quitting social media isnt for everyone.
Neither is smoking.
Got a light?






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