“Stuff”. Let it go!

Most people are holding on to stuff.  Lots of stuff.
Stuff can be material things (like your cellar & Garage full of stuff you “NEED”)
Stuff can be hobbies, activities, clubs (Ive “always” done_____).
Stuff can be relationships “Weve been friends since kindergarten”
Have you changed a bit since kindergarten?? 

What if (you let go?)

-Instead of “organizing the garage” (again) you THREW SHIT OUT) ?
-You took a hiatus from your hobbie(s) ..to try new things or just have “time”?
-You really stopped, and re assessed where you ARE and whos around you?
-This break in the action was revealing?? (And it will be…)

Your cellar tells all

Q– What does a cellar full of stuff, a garage full of stuff(while your car is outside-no room) -even  having the same friends for a lifetime have in common?
A. -Not letting go.

The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it

What if you just “let go”?
When you “decide” that most of the “stuff” is no longer serving you, you will become able to “let go”.
Holding on …hows THAT working out?
Like last weekend. The WHOLE weekend spent with all your stuff in the driveway “organizing”. Again.
I saw you . I was biking by your house.
…Had the weekend free.
Let it go.




2 Replies to ““Stuff”. Let it go!”

  1. We had stuff, too much. Then my parents shed two large houses full of stuff. As the east coast offspring my house was 3000 miles closer than my sisters so we were blessed with a lot more stuff. Now I can’t find stuff I know I have because I can’t see it through the stuff I didn’t know I have.
    So we are purging. My favorite possession is a cubic foot of space. I tell my family, “I woke up Happy this morning and I didn’t know I had this item. I can get rid of it and still be happy.” We also play Is it Trash? Trash takes on so many forms. But when challenged with the line, “Is this trash?” an item will often magically reveal its true trash state.
    I agree with your post about how good it feels to have the time back from not having to rearrange things from a bygone phase of life. Much better to walk or ride in the now.

  2. Great to hear your “is this trash” mantra. I Like it.
    Theres a freedom in simplicity.
    The “average” American House has 300,000 items in it.
    Thats “average”.
    Keep up the great work!

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