How my bicycle shows me I’m kinda limitless!

Limits make you fat, lazy & “comfortable”.
(Mentally & physically)

Choosing to bike all year round made me nervous in April 2017.
That’s when we dumped our car .
Its late January 2018 as I write this. The pictures below war taken yesterday.
It was 30 degrees.. I was 3 miles from home (at that point in ride).

I used to think 30 degrees was cold.
I used to think 3 miles was a long way to bike.
That was when I was a 1.5 season fair weather biker (aka LIMITED)
That was also before Biking in a snowstorm  changed me- forever!
(let me explain)

Limits keep the Superhero in us at bay.

After deliberately embracing simply biking for a few miles in a snowstorm
last December, I received an unanticipated, life changing epiphany.
Its honestly changed me. Forever.
This experience has created the kind of change in me best paralleled by Clark Kent. Its not until Clark grabs both sides of his dress shirt & pulls with all his might that the real transformation occurs.
Its not until we bike in a blizzard (or whatever YOU need to DO to shatter your limit) that we can truly reveal the real superpower lurking just below our surface…below the “comfort”.
 Biking that night I proved to me…
If I can do THIS I can do ANYTHING!

A personall kind of Victory.

There’s something magical about facing & shattering a (self imposed) limit.
Limit shattering that emanates from within (from self) has way more impact & staying power than any external source could possibly provide.
It changes you, frees you in a way that even Tony Robbins cant do.
I call this Internal victory.
Its personal.
You own it.
And, There’s no app for it.

Limits do NOT have your best interest in mind.

Limits promise a warm, dry, “comfortable” you.
Constant comfort.  Sounds appealing, but really..hows that been working out?
In my past  comfort ruled my existence.My comfort lifestyle bore fruit.
It created a fat, lazy, short tempered, stressed & depressed version of me that used to sit in traffic pounding the steering wheel in traffic.(among other productive & amazing things).
Who would have guessed that with all those limits I created, I was still only a few decisions away from Limitless.
Well, “Kinda limitless“.


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