Does EVERYTHING have be the about money?

As I make more “friends” , who blog, I see that many of them are running / sponsoring “ads” on their blogs. Its SUPER annoying ..
And I have an issue with it!
THE issue is not the coin, its the influence.
Once a blog becomes an “affiliate” or “sponsors ads” we ALL loose.


-Your blog looses its simplicity, its wonder, its uniqueness, its power.
-The Readers loose interest in seeing, dodging, closing, ad blocking those ANNOYING ads. Especially the pop up ads.
-The Blogger suffers the biggest loss…. WHY?

Scenario  #1
Say I run ads for my hosting company on my blog.
This seems sweet at the onset because they throw me a bone with a hosting discount or maybe a few bucks each time someone “signs up” for their service through my website .(Sounds like circa 2001- MLM- UGH!).

Heres the gain (For a few bucks in my pocket – maybe.)

-A few bucks.
–  The company/product your running ads for (maybe).
– The sponsors brand/ product.


Heres the loss (For a few bucks in my pocket – maybe.)

-Ads on my formerly clean(and unique) blog.
-Im promoting something/some company I have ZERO control over!
-If the hosting company screws over the person I sent to them, in any way-
Im  now an asshole.(and now  one they have little trust in).
-I now write for money (at least subconsciously). This definitely adds a
“filter” to my style.
– I now think more about BUILDING the blog then writing.
-Terms that were nearly non existent before the sponsorship now move right to the front my mind as I log in to create a new entry. (Consciously or un consciously).

Words like popular, growth, followers, AD revenue, click through, SEO rankings, monthly reports, minimum goals.

Scenario # 2
 I do not run ads on my blog.

– I write from my heart, because I simply value making a difference
My blog now has no agenda! (nice huh?!)
-I can speak freely about ANY subject, company I choose. Speak TRUTH , without fear of “offending” some corporate shithead & “losing” sponsorship.
-I win. I stay true to myself.
-You win. Finally ONE website where your not being sold something you dont want OR need.
-Censorship = Zero. I can write about all the “sensitive” stuff and “they” cant take me down.
-Your ad blocker gets a much needed break!

Radical authenticity.

Why ADD to the “noise”?
This blog will remain a non commercial zone…to me that’s a breath of fresh air.
(That in it self IS a R3volution.)
Additionally,I have deliberately  disabled stats for this site (truth!) .
This help keep Mr Ego from directing the path, the “pen” here.
SO, I pay (the few bucks) for the hosting, the domain name here.
You see….Not EVERYTHING has to be monetized.
It comes down to this. VALUE.
I value the freedom (and “power”) to share my unfiltered authentic thoughts, ideas, and random chunks of wisdom more than the the prospect of of a few dollars.

Even the thought of it sucks!

The very thought of having to customize my writing to stay “approved” by a filter feels like Im  selling my soul for proverbial the “bowl of soup.”
For what??
A “few bucks”?


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