How many “lives” you got? (dude).

Cats Have nine.
People have two(?) – some  more. (Thats what they SAY)
Ive had cats. Many cats. All of which had one life.

Dude….How many lives you got anyhow??

“In my WORK life……”
“In my”PERSONAL Life….”

SO ……..You have TWO lives?
(Like ONE life isnt enough?).

Authenticity cannot exist in “both” lives.

We only have one authentic self.
Yet we behave one way while alone, with family or friends (“personal”) & yet another while we are working (“professional”) ?
One is you “acting”…an effort, not authentic
Yet, one is REAL?

Truth is…

We cannot serve two masters (Have two Lives).
The saying continues.. “You will love one yet despise the other
But- We insist on it and so we do.
And because we do -one life will wear you out!
(You use about twice your precious energy while “acting”).


When we are authentic things “flow”.
For example those activities we do where we “loose all track of time”.
Thats where your authentic and not acting.
Bet ya dont  “loose all track of time” at your “job”….

In the classic rock song by RUSH (Limelight) this “act” is well explained
(Originally created by Shakespeare, summarized by RUSH).

Click on lyrics to Hear It sung by RUSH)

All the world’s indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage.”

There are those who choose to not “Act”.

Ever meet some one with a level of fame, notoriety or “power” (high level boss) and you say …”Wow, they are the same in “real life” as they are on stage (or at the office …etc).
Thats the person who has ONE LIFE.
Its effortless,
it flows, its natural.
Its attractive.

You see…. authenticity can only be lived.
It cannot be “acted”.

SO, Just how many lives you got?





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