I clearly remember how amazed I was by this one customer I had when I worked in wireless retail about ten years ago. (Hated it).
This one customer in particular would  frequently show up at my store, and ask a bunch of questions about his phone service, and to pay his bill.

Id describe his appearance as “slightly upscale but DEFINITELY casual”.
An average framed guy. mid 30’s, with a happy -go-lucky demeanor.
He stood out among my typical customers who often were rushed & not very “social”- just had to be some where else….
He was always pleasant, never in a rush & seemed to have all the time in the world.
For the purpose of this essay, I will refer to him a DUDE.

At that time in my life, his contentment kinda pissed me off.
I thought…
So, does this guy WORK?
Hows he pay all his bills?
Must be NICE to just float through your day, doing what ever the hell you “feel like”!?

The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. (but was still a bit pissed off).
How can he be SO HAPPY? (While I’m miserable!)

Here’s some things I learned about Dude from our conversations.
– for a living, he was a Realtor.
-He lived in town .
-He Rented an inexpensive apartment.
-He worked in town.
-He could walk to his office, & usually did- that is when he “worked”.
 (Maybe 20 hours a week?)
-He owned one car. Outright. A 10 year old small car.

As much  as I liked him, The old me sadly, quietly still judged/labeled  him….
-An underachiever
-low aiming
-He could work more hours, harder! (Like I HAD TO).

He had a happiness that, at the time I didn’t  think I could EVER achieve.

Seems he had a meaningful life (?)

During this period in my life, If I “lost” a even few hours of work
Id be fielding calls from all the lenders I would fall behind with.
Most everything in my life was a owed by a bank.
I was in debt, and I was really good at it!
I had two full time positions in life at that time:
1) A worker in wireless communications.
2) And a debt slave.

Just a few years later I played the role as a Realtor.
(Notice I did not say Became a Realtor? I stayed ME.)
I put up with the total bullshit of that profession for a year.
Wasn’t for me! (enough said).

During that long, sucky year, I often thought of Dude.
Why the hell was HE so happy in this field that I enjoy about as much
as being repeatedly electrocuted?
I still struggled to understand his happiness.

Several years later, my lifestyle revolution began.

Over the span of about five years, I changed fields,found a (part time) job that I loved, sold the house that was killing me both financially & emotionally, moved to an affordable apartment in my favorite small city, paid off the car and later sold it .
For the first time in my life was now debt free!


As man , I AM HAPPY.
I have time. free time. Lots of free time.
I CAN verify IT IS NICE to just “float through your day, doing what ever the hell you feel like”!

Years later- I finally understand Dude!
I finally understand something I know he did…..years before.
That Happiness really is not the result of more shiny things, status, money, jobs, cars., iPhones, or even long work hours.
Now I understand something of incredible value.
That Happiness is the beautiful byproduct of a meaningful life.

(You can call me DUDE)

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