Bye Car. Hello Bike. (What ifs answered)

(From April 2017)
In my last Blog entry I revealed that we sold our car and now own NO car.
We sold Daisy for only $900 because she needed a few repairs to pass the insanely rigid NH state inspection process. I will say that we have NO regrets being motor vehicle free – actually we are overflowing with exuberance (Thats how you feel when you make choices that line up with your true self.)
What did we do with the proceeds from Daisy?
At the same time the car sold, My wife decided to upgrade from her $20 used Huffy cruiser bike all the way up to Treks Latest and greatest cruiser bike!
(Bright Yellow of course) Her new bike weighs less than the huffy Logo on her old bike, has disc brakes, 8 forward gears and rides like a dream.
It cost $600.
Thank you Daisy for funding the new Cruiser. The remainder of the proceeds bought new accessories for the bike. Must haves . a Pink bell, cup holder, bottle cage, pannier bag  and 2 nice new RAIN COATS – one for each of us.Here come the QUESTIONS

How do you…?? What IF??

Being free of the “joy” of car ownership (sarcasm) has brought along a few questions from friends and co workers.
Q. What IF you want to visit a friend? Just up and go? no car?
A. (We bike, walk or they come to us)
Yes and since we have no car we have extra cash for the visit!
Q. What IF you want to take a vacation?
A.(Bus, train, bike, RENT a car) The $3800 a year we save but not participating in the joy of car ownership insures we have a awesome debt free vacation!
Q How do you food shop?
A. Thats changed. By Bike..we shop for 3 days at a time- instead of weekly. and parking is now awesome.
We walk to the The Supermarket (which is 1/4 mile away) when done shopping simply call for a taxi and let them drive us home.I
t costs me $5.00 for the ride. And they get the joy of the maintenance on the taxi…
Q. What if it rains?, snows?
A. Rain Coat, rain gear. Snow means walk more (bike less) take the bus, or no travel that day…. probably just like you – with your car. you sit the worst of it out.
Q.What IF the SHTF and you NEED to get away?! YOUR SCREWED!?
A- Where we live, there is no “get away/get out/ head for the hills scenario that will work with any car. you will pull onto the highway and sit in bumper to bumper traffic and die. I will bike out of town.EVEN after an EMP!


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