Biking in Winter

Our state motto here in NH is “Live Free or Die”.
Its more accurate to say Live FREEZE and DIE.
Thats right, Winter (proper local pronunciation “Winta” ) in NH has it all!
Five hours of sunlight per day, Cold temps, Snow, Ice, the “Nor Easter” storm, serious northerly winds that let you know your alive (but question for how long) and some times all this happens all at once.

Today (Dec 9th) we are receiving our first snow fall (about 3-6″of white joy is predicted).
Today also is the first day that I experience a winter snow event with no car.
I was a bit nervous last April (when we ditched “the car”) about winter life minus a car.
No more! Not after this ride….I literally just had the most fun on a bike Ive had since I was a kid!

Introducing my “NEW” “Winter Bike”:

A 1996 Classic “Fila” Mountain Bike (Pepsi Edition) Seriously. Seriously? Apparently.. YES.

So…..Whats a Winter Bike? Well, for me, its a bike that has deep knobby tires for snow traction, and one that I “kinda dont care much about” for many reasons but mainly as winter roads are loaded with Road salt around here. Yes….Road salt has a nasty habit of cutting the usable life span of metal things (Cars, trucks and yes-bikes) by about 75%.

The price was right – I traded a couple unused “things” I had in my closet which have  value in dollars  but no longer in usefulness for me.
The bike needs one front spoke – its literally missing (and the rim is warped  because of it) and one brake pad. The previous owner apparently removed one brake pad so the warped front wheel could spin easily… (ingenious.. I know).
The Spoke and brakes will be resolved later this week. I estimate the repair cost to be under $20.00 for that.
Everything else is fine. Basic TLC & WD-40 can go along way.


Even with the warped rim, and only rear brakes I took her for a spin tonight in about 1″ of snow up Main St . At first I was a bit “annoyed” as it was snowing pretty hard an it was getting me in the face. A couple minutes later, I found myself forgetting about the annoying precip as I was busy “testing traction” (unscientific but very street smart). A few rapid acceleration bursts proved awesome! As in light wheel spin but wonderful traction indeed!
Then the “brake test” (well, the REAR brake test).
I was reminded that sliding sideways with the rear wheel keeps one young. Just sayin’.
The verdict? Simply “take it easy” in snow….and Im FINE! (Dread of a winter with out biking turned to BRING IT ON BABY -( the snow that is).
I soon realized that I was literally smiling (giddy) as I cruised around town. And I mean ALL around town! I was literally feeling like a little kid!
Its so freeing to ride as it is but something about the FUN of snow…hard to explain….plus the beater factor…I have no worries with dirt, salt sand etc.

“In motion” picture  (you cant see my smile – but its big)

My “Main” Bike, The Trek 930 ,now with 3700 miles on her) sits this winter out in the warm- dry basement.

Stay tuned for more updates on Winter, Biking, and being a kid again (still?)
The Winter is young…wait…Actually, its not Winter yet …is it!


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