About the Blog

 R3volution Blog:
(Whats it all about?)
 Short answer :
To get you thinking. WAKE UP!
Longer answer:
Slapping some sense (with short essays) into a society
that”has it all”, yet- always wants more.
More, more, more isn’t working.  Its obvious, isnt it?
Were fat, broke & depressed & barely have time for anything.
Working more than ever. (But…. For WHAT?)

Unfiltered & Authentic.

The R3volution blog’s essay subjects tend to focus on living
a life of meaning guided by your common sense, not an app.
This (now rare) way of living will result in a view only
clearly visible
from “this side”. From the
Subculture of simple living.

 Common blog subjects.
(On the most uncommon blog around).

-Living with LESS. (It allows more)
Simple Living. (Not “easy.” Simple.)
Minimalism. (The thing that gets you past the things).
Over connectedness. (TMI -essays on the TM part).
– Debt free living (You own stuff. not the bank).
Bicycling & alternatives (to the “car centric” lifestyle).




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