Life. minus the car.

From April 2017

Last week  we sold our car. Our one car. Our ONLY car.
At 222,000 trouble free miles our Toyota owed us NOTHING! Purchased at 99,000 miles 10 years ago and paid off 7 years ago- Daisy (our pet name for her) was part of the family -for years- outlasting two of my shit box GM cars (another story) Now facing a $700 plus repair, we decided to leave her parked as we considered our NEXT car or repair options.  After almost 60 days of walking, biking (no car use) we decided to Sell Daisy!Lets be CRAZY- Lets DO this!! NO CAR???  YES NO CAR!A friend at my work bought her last week
NOTE(s): We live in a small city- everything is close. My wife works a 3 min walk  away.

Some things we have said “goodbye” to…

Our mechanic (nothing personal!)
The gym. (no need to “go” exercise). We walk/bike as a lifestyle.
Our auto insurance company. (evil laugh) awesomeness.
Car loan (IF you had payments- we did not)
Our local car wash.
Gas stations.
Parking meters.
Yearly inspections
Yearly registration.
In my next Blog…….What we did with the money we got for Daisy.
The disadvantages of and questions I receive by NOT owning a car..


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