A R3volution?

A  R3volution? That sounds dramatic?

Websters Dictionary defines a Revolution as: (1)  A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. (2) a sudden, radical, or complete change.

I truly believe most people need a R3volution in their life. I also believe that many have “given up” on their dreams and are consciously or unconsciously “sold out” to a somewhat defeated , “safe” boring life of “security!”   (9-5 anyone?)  This is where I  come in.

My passion & mission with R3volution Consulting  is to inspire/coach you to create the “outer life” which aligns to your particular inner desires!
I am uniquely qualified to inspire you to begin the journey to the life you truly desire-and guide you as you traverse.  I use  an original yet highly effective and unusual combination of coaching gifts. “Seeing the big picture”, along with rare “inner knowing”  mixed with an incredibly diverse  background – including creating my own life’s R3volution come together in perfect harmony to accomplish this.

“Most people are born original but die copies”

My personal R3volution:

The  R3volution in my own life started about 20 years ago when I knew that I was simply not on my intended path  Through a (seemingly endless) series of crazy events in my life Ive come to realize that there is a much shorter, easier path to living ones life on purpose!

Your R3volution.  Lets DO This!

I am accepting new clients and available to meet with you in person in Concord NH, online live or by email.  Pricing is available by contacting me.