A R3volution?

A  R3volution?
Yes.  A lifestyle R3volution.

Question : Are you really content in living the same day, over and over again until 67 years old (if you make it till then )when some magic genie comes and releases you from the conveyor belt lifestyle you are trapped in?

Websters Dictionary defines a Revolution as:
(1)  A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.
(2) a sudden, radical, or complete change.

I truly believe most people need a R3volution in their life. (I know I did).
I also believe that many have “given up” on their dreams and are consciously or unconsciously sold out & settling for a life of “surviving” instead of thriving. (9-5 anyone?).

NEWSFLASH of Hope! …The transition to the life you actually desire can begin NOW!
That’s where I come in…

My passion & mission with R3volution Consulting  is to inspire & coach
you to create the “outer life” which aligns to your particular inner desires.
I am uniquely qualified to inspire you to begin the journey to the life you truly desire-and guide & support you as you traverse to the life you really desire.
I employ an original yet highly effective “coaching” style.
I use a combination of gifts & learned skills which include “seeing the big picture” along with rare “inner knowing”.
Add to that my own life experience of helping countless people create a bridge to where they want to be as well as creating my own successful “lifestyle R3volution”!

Your R3volution
Lets DO This! (Together)

I am currently available to meet with you in person (around your schedule).
For more info (or just to say h) feel free to  contact me.

(Dec 2017 update).